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MY 2012 “RACES” #adventure #dreambig


Ok, so they’re not really races, per se. Here’s what’s on my radar definitively for 2012:

SEHGAHUNDA TRAIL MARATHON: in May of 2010, overweight, I ran/walked my first running race – the 3.5 mile Chase Corporate Challenge. If you don’t believe that anything is possible than hopefully the fact that only two years later I’m gunning for a 5 hour finish at the Sehgahunda Trail Marathon will sway you. A full marathon, off road, rocky rooty single track, through “The Grand Canyon of the East” – and this is my fun race for the year.

MOUNTAIN EPIC TRI: When I got into triathlon I set my sights pretty quickly on an Ironman. Except that I hate road training and I know I could complete one. What no one has attempted before is an Offroad Ironman. So I’m establishing one except that I’m making it a bit longer and tackling it solo. This summer I will attempt a 5k (3.1 mile) Open Water Swim, followed by a 200k (124 mile) Offroad Mountain Bike Ride, followed by a 50k (31 mile) Trail Run – in under 24 hours. The very first ever organized Offroad Ironman (the X-Man) will be taking place in England around the same time. When I finish my undertaking (which is a bit longer), I will – along with the X-Man finishers) become one of the only long-distance offroad triathletes in the world.

FINGER LAKES SWIM: In September I will swim the 15.5 mile length of Canandaigua Lake in one day to raise awareness around the environmental changes threatening the beauty of the Finger Lakes Region. This will be my longest swim, but I’ve successfully completed 10-12 hour mountain biking and trail running efforts so I recon I can swim for the same amount of time as well. So far, my training is validating this theory.

All my energy is focused on these 3 and I’m excited! Yes, a bit freaked out, but so stoked, because each of these are a BIG deal! Incidentally, the official event sites for the TRI and SWIM will be going live very soon! I will require sponsorship support for both of these undertakings so if you are interested in supporting, please drop me a line!


  1. wow! Big plans, I cant wait to see how this plays out for you!!!!!!

    • Thanks, Eric! I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t freaked out by the goals I’ve set, but at the same time I’m really, really excited! Can’t wait to knock these out of the park!

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