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One of the most valuable components for me of being connected online to other athletes (particularly those with families and day jobs) is being able to see how they train. Where do they fit it all in? How far/hard/fast are they training?

The consistencies I’ve found are this: 1.) Consistently get out early morning or late night (based on personal wiring) + at lunch. The remainder of time is for family and work, 2.) Go hard! Intensity, not quantity is often the name of the game, 3.) It’s ok to bail now and then. Families and jobs are demanding. It’s ok to miss some training now and then when things come up. That’s life. Don’t stress. If, in the grand scheme of things, you’re going hard than you’ll be just fine.

In the spirit of learning from each other, I’m going to post my prior weeks’s training each Sunday as a reference point for what it’s worth. You’ll notice I don’t do insane mileage. I strive for 6-12 hours/week (depending on where I’m at in the season) and I go hard in those sessions. The rest comes down to mental toughness. Here’s this past week (times rounded to nearest 5’s); it was a slow one:

– Sun: Rest
– Mon: Rest
– Tue: 3/4 Mile Swim + Strength Training = 1:00
– Wed: 10 Mile Bike (MTB) + 3/4 Mile Swim = 1:05 (2:05)
– Thu: Sick
– Fri: 1/2 Mile Swim = :20 (2:25)
– Sat: 16.5 Mile Trail Run = 4:10 (6:35)

TOTAL: 6:35

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