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Coca-Cola has just launched a brand new health and wellness website called “Coming Together.” Which is akin to a major tobacco company launching an online campaign dedicated to lung health. Or the diamond industry launching an anti-slavery campaign. Congrats to the Coca-Cola exec who came up with this idea, because they’re a marketing genius and deserve a raise.

Is it just me, or is it a bit hypocritical for Coke to paint itself with the “health & wellness brush”? Don’t forget that many of their products contain highly processed (and highly addictive) additives, chemicals, and GMO ingredients that medical science has routinely demonstrated as adding significantly to a substantially increased incidence of diabetes, obesity, cancer, depression, and tooth decay in society. And I’m not being mean, I’m just stating the obvious. You can read the findings for yourself from multiple outlets like Yahoo! Finance, NBC News, Huffington Post, AllAfrica, Examiner, Pilot Media, Science Alert, National Institutes of Health, and many others… just google around, it’s not like this is a closely guarded secret.

I do get it. Coke wants to be a good corporate citizen, it’s clever marketing to combat the ongoing bad press it continues to get about its products, but the idea that promoting active video games as “family time” that has any chance of combating the negative health impacts associated with consuming products like the ones produced by Coca-Cola is laughable, at best. Insulting is probably more accurate.

I won’t even dignify the new Coke site with a web link. Hopefully people aren’t dumb enough to fall for this stuff.

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