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The whole experience of going from obese-to-athlete over the last few years has taught me more than any other experience of my life. There are a few “truths” that have risen to the top for me throughout this journey, and I offer them here for what they’re worth. These apply to wellness, but they also apply to life. I believe these things very deeply, and I hope that they’ll be of encouragement to you as well.

1.) YOU ARE CAPABLE OF ANYTHING: There is not a thing on earth that you can’t accomplish. This isn’t some trite idea, I do actually believe this. Because I’ve lived it first-hand. Did I think I could lose all that weight? Not only didn’t I believe it, but if you’d told me that today I’d speak about health and wellness issues, be a vegetarian, and run trail races longer than marathons? Haha! I’d have laughed my head off! But here I am. And if I can do that? Than I can do anything. And so can you. Truly.

2.) THERE IS NOTHING YOU NEED TO SUCCEED THAT YOU DON’T ALREADY POSSESS: Everything you need to succeed you already have. You have a body. You have a mind. You have a spirit. Put ‘em to work. Sure, there’s tools that can help in your journey, some better than others, but they’re just tools, not solutions. You are your own solution; own it. Because designer shakes, celebrity workout DVD’s, and expensive exercise equipment don’t make success. Hard work, determination, and the right knowledge make success.

3.) MAKE IT COUNT, BECAUSE YOU ONLY GET TO DO THIS ONCE: Life is short. Make it count. Be present. Dream big, dig deep, work hard. Spend your energy on love, not hate. Listen far more than you speak. Treasure those around you, and work hard to leave the world better off for you having been part of it, because eventually you will leave it. Live in such a way that you will leave it with no regrets.

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  1. Heathero Heathero

    Very moving Ben.

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