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Today I ran topless. I was banging out a 10 mile trail run, it was hot, I didn’t want to wear a shirt. So I didn’t. And it was awesome. Not just because it was more comfortable, but because I haven’t done that in… well, years.

Back when I was obese? No way in hell that would’ve been happening. Even a year ago I was still too self-conscious to go shirtless, but now? I’ve lost nearly 70 pounds; and actually FEEL skinny and athletic. Granted, I’m not exactly muscle-popping eye-candy at 5’10” and 140-something pounds, and I’m still pasty white, but… who cares. I’ve earned the right. And not only was it great? But I’m gonna do it again.

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  1. mlesher mlesher

    Unless it is cold, this is the only way to run IMO. Now, go get yourself some 2″ splits and you are all set.

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