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THE LONG GAME #weightloss #advice

Below is a piece that I wrote for my workplace newsletter about a month ago… have been meaning to post it for awhile now and keep forgetting. Enjoy!

As we plunge headlong into a New Year, you may have made a few New Year’s resolutions. I’m willing to wager that something along the lines of “Get Fit” is on that list. Research shows that “Getting Back in Shape” is one of the highest ranked New Year’s Resolutions every year. According to Time Magazine, it’s also the #1 broken New Year’s Resolution.

It’s no wonder. Just trying to juggle work and family life is a challenge most of the time, let alone a social life or finding consistent time to exercise.

So, allow me to pass along some good advice that was given to me two years ago when I started my own fitness journey. You ready? Here’s the secret: “getting back in shape” is a long game. It doesn’t happen overnight.

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