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All right. I know some of you are reading thinking, “I do the elliptical at the gym… I took yoga once… I walk the dog. I am NOT a runner even though I’d really like to be (but am too afraid to give it a try)!”

It’s not hard. Honestly. You just have to get out there and do it… which, I know, can seem daunting. So, here are two AWESOME resources for those of you who really want to take the plunge but are having second thoughts:

ACTIVE.COM: BECOME A RUNNER IN 10 EASY STEPS (click for link) – a great article chalk full of great tips and advice on how to get started. The article really breaks things down into manageable chunks.

COUCH TO 5K: 9 WEEK PROGRAM (click for link) – I can’t tell you how many really accomplished runners I know who actually became runners in the first place because they used this program. It’s free, right there on the web, and it’s totally doable for anybody!

You may not think you’re capable of this, but you are. Totally. If I can do it? You can do it. Just get out there and take the plunge! (And, if you need some support than recruit a friend to do it with you; or drop me a line – always here to help and encourage!)

Image by: Timothy Takemoto, Flickr. Used By Permission Under Creative Commons License.

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