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ON BEING CONTENT #thankful #perspective #life #gratitude


It struck me recently that I’m suddenly at a place in life where I’m truly, deeply content. Doesn’t mean I’ve stopped hustling, or that I have it easy, or don’t have bills to pay, doesn’t mean I’m not still chasing dreams…

But if there’s one thing that becoming an adventure athlete has given me, it’s a healthier perspective on my own little but powerful place in this world. I’ll tell you, if a 12 hour solo trail run doesn’t get your thoughts in order than nothing will. The solitude, peace, and perspective that being outdoors alone and self-reliant for long periods of time is something that – quite frankly- I’ve become addicted to in the midst of an ever faster-moving society. It grounds me. Which, as a 100% Type A individual, is a very important thing.

And that feeling of peace and perspective is something that not much else can compare with anymore. I used to get excited about money and food and things. Those things are still all nice, but, meh, they don’t do it for me anymore. Quite honestly the only things that I find worth my time anymore are: 1.) the people I love – close family and friends, 2.) being outdoors and pushing myself physically and mentally (you could call that the spiritual), and 3.) creating some good in the world around me.

Other than that, what else does one need in this world? I really am a very, very blessed man.

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