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THOSE SILVER DOTS: Columbia Omni-Heat Review #outdoor #gear


I mentioned a few weeks ago that’d I’d received some Columbia Omni-Heat Technology base layer gear for Christmas… And the verdict is in for me: amazing stuff!

Columbia doesn’t exactly have the reputation of a hardcore gear maker, so I was somewhat skeptical of their new, much-hyped technology. Basically, they’ve taken that metallic emergency blanket material and figured out how to weave it into fabric so that it retains body heat while still remaining breathable and comfortable.

After yesterday’s 2 hour hike in barely double-digit, snowy weather dressed with my omni-heat base layer + a simple shell… I was roasting! And very, very impressed! So, is the long-sleeve tee that I wore awesome enough to justify the $55 price tag? If you train regularly out in the cold like I do than absolutely! I’m able to wear fewer layers and still remain warmer in relatively cold temperatures for extended periods of time. Nice job, Columbia!

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