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THE BUSIER YOU ARE, THE MORE YOUR HABITS MATTER #worklifebalance #parenting #busy


Lately my schedule has been nuts. Those of you who know me know that my family usually has a pretty packed schedule, but with some of my work picking up, extra activities the kids are involved in, etc… welcome to life, eh?

Life can be downright insane sometimes. That’s why habits matter so much. That’s why you hear people like me say all the time, “Figure out what works for you and make it a habit.” Because when push comes to shove, your habits win out.

It’s easy to choose the salad over the biscuits + gravy when you have the mental capacity to think it through… When you’re on your 5th meeting of the morning and you’ve still got to get home in time to run the kids to the doctor about that fever? That’s when you go on autopilot. That’s when habits matter.

For me, when the schedule picks up is when I make even more of a point to get in my training. It’s how I detox the stress and remain sane. It helps me sort things through and come back to my work and my family with the focus I need.

Work hard on your habits. Come crunch time, they matter an awful lot!

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