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It’s been an incredibly busy week this time around… I’ve flagged all kinds of great articles to share with y’all, but the schedule just hasn’t allowed it. But this one I had to get posted, because it’s important. There was a short but fascinating report in The Times of India earlier this week talking about the dramatic drop in heart disease for individuals who eat plant-focused diets; i.e. – vegan or vegetarian.

It’s a great article that you should definitely read because of the #’s and the findings. Basically, if you’re vegetarian, you have at least a 30% lower chance of developing heart disease. But, regardless of your eating choices, the takeaway is that you should absolutely consume more plants in the way you eat. This report only adds to the quickly growing body of research pointing to the incredible health benefits of a plant-based diet.

So, two links: 1.) the article, and 2.) Rich Roll’s (elite ultra endurance athlete) Pinterest Board of recipes. Enjoy!

LINK: The Times of India: Go Vegan – Slash Heart Disease Risk

LINK: Pinterest/Rich Roll – Plant Power Recipe Board

Image by Mo Riza, Flickr. Used by Permission Under Creative Commons License.


    • Great thoughts – astute observations!

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