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GERBER SPORT AXE REVIEW #backcountry @Gerber_Tools


When we go canoe camping up in the Adirondacks, we always carry a saw or axe of some sort to prep dead wood for camp fires, but one of the challenges is finding the right balance between weight, size, and “punch.”

I was given a GERBER SPORT AXE for my birthday back in the fall, but hadn’t had a chance to use it yet. Since we cleaned up the fallen limbs in our backyard today I figured it would be a good test to axe ’em up with the Gerber to see how the thing worked.

Holy crow! What a great tool! Wicked sharp with a nicely weighted head means it made quick work of even the thickest wood. Plus, it’s short, hollow (but strong) handle means it packs small and light.

If you’re looking for a great backcountry axe for your next trip, than this is the one! Retails for around $35.

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