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So, what do vegetarian athletes eat when grilling out for Father’s Day? Well, start with a good Pale Ale, and then… grill up some marinated Portobello Mushroom Caps and Handmade Sweet Potato Fries and stack it all up high on a fresh roll with lettuce, onion, tomato, and… (wait for it) …some Jarlsberg. Easily one of the most delicious things I’ve ever had from our grill! I posted this pic on Instagram yesterday and the traffic was crazy, so figured I’d post the loose recipe. Enjoy!

– GRILL: we just use a simple charcoal grill. Get it fired up with real wood charcoal and let it get nice and hot! Be sure to place the coals to one side so that you have a “hot, medium, and cool” portion of the grill.

– PORTOBELLO: we rub each cap with olive oil, followed with a generous rubbing of “Montreal Steak Seasoning” – a blend of herbs and spices with a nice bit of a kick. Always grill your portobello “gills down” first and than flip and finish it “gills up.” That way you don’t lose all the delicious juices as it cooks. Adjust to your preferences, but we grill roughly :10 each side, but as long as the caps aren’t directly over the coals, you can let these slow cook to perfection allowing the smoke and indirect heat do the work.

– SWEET POTATO FRIES: BTW – not only are these delicious, but sweet potatoes are a “super food” chalk full of nutrients (a healthy dose of natural fiber, beta-carotene, an insane amount of Vitamin A, antioxidants and anti-inflammatories), so enjoy! We just hand cut these suckers up (the thinner they are the easier they cook), toss them with olive oil, sea salt, and pepper (but feel free to use whatever seasoning you want), and than pan fry them up on the stove top. They’re good as a side, but we found that they take a Portobello “Burger” to a whole new level when stacked right there on the roll!

– CONDIMENTS: whatever floats your boat. The Jarlsberg along with fresh lettuce, onion, tomato was a killer combination. The only thing I can think of that might make this better would be some roasted red peppers and some dill pickle. Guess I’ll just have to cook these again, eh?

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