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GEAR: VIVO BAREFOOT NEO REVIEW #barefoot #run #shoes @vivobarefoot

Ok, so I’m late to the minimalist running game. Very, very late. That’s ok. I changed over my stride to more of a “mid-foot” / barefoot strike last year and it’s served me well even if I do wear run-of-the-mill trails shoes. It just so happens that I haven’t been in the market for new running shoes until recently. And than I had the fortuitous luck to stumble across the LAST pair of VivoBarefoot Neo’s in stock at my local Marshall’s for an absurdly low price. Score.

And… can I just say, “Wow!!!”? These things are unbelievably amazing. I’ve had a lot of shoes I’ve liked, but none that I’ve ever “clicked” with like these. They are, quite simply, exactly what I would create if I were creating a minimalist trail running shoe. Totally, entirely, spot on.

Light, unbelievable trail feel, enough protection to not bang up one’s feet, look cool, breathable, drain well, dry well, great traction. And I’ve put ‘em through their paces banging through well over 20+ miles of hilly, rooty, rocky, technical trails in the week after getting them.

If you’ve ever owned a pair of absurdly comfortable moccasins, that’s what the Viva Barefoot’s feel like. And since I’ve always envisioned the whole “barefoot running” thing as being akin to Native Americans running quietly through the deep woods in their deerskin mocs, well… the Neo’s fit the bill perfectly.

So, if you’re considering the whole minimalist running thing? Check out Viva Barefoot. I’m pretty sure you couldn’t go wrong.

link: Vivo Barefoot Website

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