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Over the last year I’ve gotten to know the Perinton NY Crescent Trail very well, having soloed the whole thing last fall… I’m taking part in an upcoming group trail run and did a hand-drawn map of the south section of the trail for the group as some of them are new to this trail that I call home. (You can ignore the “water cache” part of #4.)

This isn’t to scale, and it’s not topographically correct, but for any Crescent ‘newbies’ this may be helpful as it sums up a whole lot of trial and error you won’t have to endure. Enjoy! This 12(ish) miler out-and-back is hands-down one of the BEST (and most challenging) trail runs in the Rochester region!

Click on the map image to enlarge / save / print.

For the official Crescent Trail system maps – click here.

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