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A week from today will be a big step in my obsession with off road triathlon. A 70.3 mile half-ironman, off road, self-supported solo. Excited doesn’t even begin to capture it!

1.2 mile open water swim (Canandaigua), 56 mile mountain bike (Greenway), 13.1 mile trail run (FLT Letchworth)… Wish me luck!

Update: a number of folks have asked about my itinerary for Saturday. “Can I join you on the trail run? For part of the swim? On the Greenway? Can I lurk in the shadows and stalk you?” Sure! I truly didn’t anticipate folks showing that much interest, so thank you!

Here’s the day’s schedule:

-SWIM: 7am, 1.2 Miles, Kershaw Park Waterfront, Canandaigua, NY.

-MOUNTAIN BIKE: 8:30am, 56 Miles, Genesee Valley Greenway, Cuylerville, NY route 20A/39 Trailhead

-TRAIL RUN: 1:15pm, 13.1 Miles, Letchworth Finger Lakes Trail (FLT) Extension, Mt. Morris Dam Parking Lot Trailhead, Mt. Morris, NY.

All times are approximate – give or take 30 minutes – and may vary depending on the day’s conditions and/or how I’m feeling.

Please feel free to come on out an support if you so desire! I am flattered that folks are finding this inspirational enough to come along with, but I would be very remiss if I didn’t offer two extremely blunt disclaimers up front, because when I’m out on a solo and am focused in my pain cave, you really should know that:
– If you join me for any portion of my Tri, you do so on your own. I will not wait up for anyone slower and I won’t speed up for anyone faster. I might or might not be “chatty.” I probably won’t bat an eye if you get hurt, have a bike malfunction, etc. On group things I’m very gracious and friendly. On solo things I’m totally selfish. Sorry. Take it or leave it.
– This is a self-supported solo, so I cannot accept outside anything from anyone. I can’t help it if I have company on the trail, but I can’t accept outside water, energy gels, etc.


  1. colin martin colin martin


    • It wasn’t a race – Off Road 1/2 Ironmans are few and far between… rather than wait for one I came up with a route and soloed it myself with spotting from a few friends to make sure I didn’t keel over… was a blast! So, it was a do-it-yourself “race”…

      • colin colin

        you are the man for doing that —- I have looked for a off road xterra type half iron and have found nothing…. any suggestions?

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