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My recent race report on last weekend’s SEHGAHUNDA TRAIL MARATHON stirred some “interesting” conversation around exactly what happened and why in having to figure out how to get from my point of DNF to the finish line.

Mistakes happen – even to the best of race organizers. It’s how an organization responds to them that speaks volumes. So, I need to give credit where credit is due. Fleet Feet and Yellowjacket Racing both contacted me shortly after the race to learn exactly what happened so they could circle back internally and “ensure that something like this never happens again.” In the last two days they’ve been in touch, genuinely apologized, and refunded my race fee. That speaks volumes.

So thanks, Fleet Feet. Thanks, Yellowjacket. I honestly wasn’t sure anyone would “get it.” You got it. Thanks for making it right.

I’ve posted this to make sure any record out there is set straight. I’ve found that there can be a considerable amount of “drama” and negativity within the Rochester running community at times and I don’t want to add any fuel to it. We are all part of an amazing outdoors community here in our region – our energy is best spent promoting and enjoying it.


  1. so good to hear. next year is paid for hhaa. love your positive outlook. well done by all sides

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