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This year sure has been crazy. Like, unbelievably, insanely, “totally didn’t see that one coming” crazy. A major career change I hadn’t anticipated. A fourth child who we’re very excited for (arriving any moment now) but… hadn’t anticipated. And everything else that goes along with those monumental changes. Financial challenges… OMG we need a second vehicle (that can fit 4 kids) challenges… “Wait, what just broke on the house?” challenges… It’s a very long list; suffice it to say it hasn’t been an uneventful year.

And I wouldn’t say we’re through the thick of it yet, but it’s finally starting to feel like we’re getting closer. I’ve grown a lot this year as an individual, and there are two quick things that I’d like to share with you from these experiences for what they’re worth:

1.) There are Some Really Good People in this World. I can’t tell you how many serendipitous events have transpired for our family this year where we’ve been provided for in entirely providential ways when we least expected it and most needed it. A kind word, an anonymous gift card in the mail, an unanticipated kid-free night out… Unbelievably humbled. So, thank you good people. You know who you are. Y’all make me a lot less pessimistic about our world; so, thank you.

2.) Ultras Have Taught Me A Lot. Chiefly, to Just Keep Moving. Obviously, this is a mantra that serves one well while deep in the middle of running a 50k+ Trail Race. But it also applies to life and all that life can put in our path. In ultra racing we often refer to “the pain cave” part of a race where multiple hours in – despite the physical agony – you find a way to push through. And… low-and-behold? You do. And you discover that you’re capable of infinitely more than you thought you were. Turns out life is like that too. Because, quite honestly, there have been moments in the past 6 months that if it wasn’t for ultra teaching me that I’m capable of more than I know and that I have it deep within me to keep moving? I would have had a really¬†hard time pulling through. So, thank you, ultra.

That’s it. Thanks for letting me share. Lots of challenges still ahead, but lots of exciting things too. Keep moving, y’all.

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