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A funny thing happened over the course of this crazy year while I wasn’t paying attention… My artwork started blowing up. Not in a “paying the bills” sense (not yet anyway), but certainly in terms of “garnering attention.” It’s funny, because as much as my art fuels who I am, I haven’t really been doing a whole lot of it for awhile. Nice to see that some good things were developing while I wasn’t paying attention…

First, I had two pieces published in an international art book published on several continents; the Fall 2012 release POP PSYCHEDELIC by BIG BROS WORKSHOP. It’s funny, they’d contacted me back in 2009 about using a few pieces for their project and I’d forgotten about the whole thing. Thought it might have just not gotten off the ground. Turns out it was moving right along the whole time, just at the slow pace one might anticipate for an international art publication featuring artists from all around the world.

So, that was a nice surprise. Not gonna lie, this year has been rough, so was nice for something positive to come out of the blue like that. Especially when it’s related to the one thing – my art – that really shapes who I am. I just finally received my copy of the big coffee table book (that I wouldn’t be able to afford) in the mail. Certainly cool to see one’s work in print (along with some other amazing artists), in this case my 2008 releases of “9 to 5” and “You’re Only As Good As Your Last Failure” (below).

The other funny thing that happened was that the residual traffic on my last 5 years of artwork posted to Flickr just keeps climbing and climbing. Well over 100,000 views and I haven’t been promoting it. Can’t argue with that.

All very serendipitous in many ways, I suppose. Proof to me that we should do what we love in this life. Which, I’ve been doing more of lately, focusing my spare time on new artwork coming out this fall. And also interviewing folks I’m inspired by for my site here – actually, the first interview in the series will drop tomorrow. Stay tuned…

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