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If I’d thought that the last few years had opened my eyes up to what I’m capable of, than I guess I hadn’t seen anything yet. Because I recently cranked through my 500th mile – running – for the year. The majority of that on trail. And it’s not even summer yet. How the hell did that happen?

I’ve been routinely banging out 35 and 40 mile weeks lately and I had no idea whatsoever that I could do that. We’re expecting our 4th child this fall, and so I’ve pared back my training to specifically focus on trail running this year, and it’s been mentally liberating to allow myself the freedom of just focusing on one athletic discipline for the year. And without any multisport events on my calendar for the indefinite future I’ve just been hitting the trails. A lot. But I truly had no idea I could do this; I think the furthest I’d run in a week (not counting ultras) before this year was probably in the 20 mile range. Now that’s a recovery week.

So, for those of you thinking, “I want to ______, but I don’t know if I can”? You can. There is nothing you can’t do if you want it. Go get it.

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