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Upstate NY is notorious for its “spring” weather. Per usual, we were cruelly teased with a taste of spring about two weeks ago with some unseasonably warm weather and sunshine… which was perfect for sledding in t-shirts and snow pants (I even got sunburned!)… But then we promptly dove back into the fifth season of Upstate, NY which we simply refer to as“Mud.” Mud is a no man’s land that comes and goes off and on up until late May around here. Spring is when it’s green and birds are chirping and buds are forming on trees… The season of mud persistently interrupts that process.

Mud is the season that we bundle up to trail run because it’s still 20 degrees out but somehow all the snow has melted and there’s 8 inches of muck on the trails. Mud is the season that you notice the crocuses budding only to forget there’s still full-blown blizzards hitting the summits of the Adirondack High Peaks. Or you swear it’ll be an easy hike because, “of course the stream is still frozen solid enough to cross” only to find it’s raging cold ice melt that you have to wade through up to your calves. Or you dress for single-digit windchills, only to have the mercury climb into shorts/t-shirt weather an hour later. Welcome to mud. Welcome to Upstate, NY.

We wouldn’t have it any other way.

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