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This year has been unbelievable. Truly unbelievable. It all kind of flew by, the training and the adventures, but now on the tail end of the year looking back? Can’t believe all that was accomplished. By me, of all people.

2012 RECAP: 100 Mile Single Speed Road Century (May); Sehgahunda Trail Marathon (May – DNF’d 20 miles in, unfortunately. The heat did me in.); 70.3 Mile Solo Off Road Half Ironman (June); 4.5 Mile Open Water Swim the Length of Honeoye Lake (July – only the second person to have ever done this); 0 SPF Trail Half Marathon (July); 24 Mile Self-Supported Trail Run Solo of the Seneca Trail System (first person to have ever done this); Mendon Trail Run 50k Race Finish (November)… not a shabby year.

SO, WHAT’S UP FOR 2013? I’m VERY excited about the year ahead! What’s in store? Ok, here we go:

– LATE FEBRUARY: 25 Mile Finger Lakes Trail – Letchworth Extension Self-Supported Winter Snowshoe Solo
– LATE MAY: Sehgahunda Trail Marathon (26.3 miles)
– LATE JUNE: The Devil’s Path Trail Run, Catskills (24 Miles, 6 Peaks, 18,000′ Elevation Change)
– EARLY AUGUST: Canandaigua Lake Open Water Swim (15.5 Miles)
– LATE SEPTEMBER: Bristol Hills Trail Self-Supported Solo (54 Miles – only one other person has ever done this)
– EARLY NOVEMBER: Mendon Trail Run 50k Race

There’s a lot of work to be done between now and February’s winter solo… I’m stoked and I’m ready! What about you? What are you working towards? Those of you reading this who don’t think you can _________ (fill-in-the-blank)? You’re wrong. You can. If I can do this? You can do whatever you set your mind on. I was obese three years ago. Seriously. Get up. Get moving. Get ‘er done. NEVER STOP.

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