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I LOVE sandwiches. Preferably ones with lots of stuff jammed inside and than melted all together on a grill. Yup. Especially if there’s avocado involved. Avocado tastes great, it’s easy to prepare, very versatile, and incredibly healthy.

I hesitated to even write a recipe about this, but… I’ve found that folks like having a recipe to reference. Even if they’re just simple ones. Especially when it comes to vegetarian fare, folks often seem a bit perplexed. So, here you go. Below is my fave, but make it your own… Enjoy!

– Bread of Choice
– Ripe Avocado (outside should be squishy, perhaps even discolored)
– Salt (preferably sea salt)
– Pepper (preferably cracked pepper)
– Olive Oil
– Cheese of Choice (pepperjack is my fave; or remove/substitute if vegan)
– Red Pepper

Step One: Throw a little olive oil in the bottom of a frying pan. Heat to medium low / medium on the stove while you’re prepping the rest.

Step Two:
– Slice avocado around middle; remove seed; spoon into a small bowl.
– Add a splash of olive oil, and a dash of sea salt and cracked pepper to the avocado. Mash it all together with a fork. Adjust to taste.
– Slice up the red pepper.

Step Three: Spread avocado mixture onto bread, add on cheese and red pepper slices.

Step Four: Grill it all up in the frying pan & enjoy!

BTW – don’t be afraid to mix this all up. Add on cucumbers, red onion, tomatoes, sprouts, etc. There really aren’t any bad combinations!

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