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GOAT HEAD GEAR recently sent out a few packs of Sole Spikes for the TrailsROC guys to test out. Gotta admit, I kinda poo-pooed them. Not that I thought they wouldn’t work; I just figured they’d be more useful come late fall when I’m dealing with icier trail conditions. So, they’ve just been thrown in with my some of my trail running gear and I hadn’t really gotten around to testing them out until this past weekend when I went down do some recon on the Bristol Hills Trail (BHT). I actually made it down to the BHT trailhead a bit early and figured, “what the heck? I’ll throw a few Sole Spikes on and see what I think…”

Wish I’d done do sooner! I was honestly quite impressed! Just three spikes screwed into the forefoot of each sole made a very noticeable difference on the loose, technical, muddy BHT trail surface. Especially on the steep descents!

Goat Head has made a believer out of me. Awesome product well worth checking out for anyone venturing onto backwoods trails!

Link: GOAT HEAD GEAR Sole Spikes

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