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HONEOYE LAKE SWIM – DATE IS SET! #flx #swim @FingerLakesSwim


Well, the website isn’t quite done yet, and there are still about a million details to finalize… but I finally have a date set to kick off my Finger Lakes Swim Project. And a date on the calendar is a powerful thing!

On Saturday, June 16th I’ll open water swim the 4.5 mile length of Honeoye Lake (pictures above) – kicking off my goal of swimming the length of all 11 Finger Lakes over the course of 2012/2013. I am doing this to 1.) promote the absolutely gorgeous Finger Lakes region that I love, 2.) to draw attention to the environmental challenges threatening this region, and 3.) to further my mantra of “Adventure Isn’t Dead” – in fact it’s often right outside your back door!

So excited, can’t wait! Stay tuned!

Image Credit: Kerry Sherman

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