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When I launched my “Daily Kick In The Pants” emails – I really struggled with something… charging for content that could help people change their lives. Because, as I went through my own weight loss journey, one of the things that pissed me off the most was that a lot of the great sites and online communities (like Biggest Loser) offer lots of great supports and resources in the name of helping people become healthy… but only if you pay… or buy the meal plan… or the personal trainer package… etc.

I think that’s a total load of bull.

So, here’s what I’m doing – all the great content that has started going out in my emails? Is going to be posted to the site. You can still get it delivered right to your inbox every morning as my “DAILY KICK IN THE PANTS’ – only I’m going to keep it free.

I feel very, very strongly that wellness should be freely accessible to everyone. Wellness is not a luxury item – it’s a life and death matter. And I also feel that if I do the right thing and keep providing folks with great, inspiring content every day – that in the end it will pay off by creating opportunity for me to keep taking to the next level. I hope you think so too! Click here to sign up for my “Daily Kick In The Pants” email deliveries – thanks!

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