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WHY WHAT I’M DOING ISN’T SCARY #ultra #rollerblading

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I’ve been told by more than a few people that I have a few screws loose. I can’t argue there. I realized recently that my “fun race” for 2012 is an offroad trail marathon… Longer trail ultras and an offroad ironman are the main things on my plate for this year.

But you have to understand what I came from. Before I became obese I was involved in action sports for years – rollerblading to be specific. These are sports which are all about calculated risk. Drops, handrails, gaps… it’s all mental calculation. Not unlike endurance sports which are – after physical conditioning – really just a mind game.

Take a peek at the edit of Sven Boekhurst above (although, to be fair, I was nowhere near as good as Sven, truly one of the best in the world) – it’ll give you a good sense of what I used to do, which makes what I do now not seem scary in the least. Same mindset I’ve always had just applied somewhere else. Enjoy!

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